North Florida's Premier Commercial & Residential Painting ServicesNorth Florida's Premier Commercial & Residential Painting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Jenesis Painting Services?

Jenesis Painting Services, LLC is the premier choice in North Florida for all of your Commercial and Residential painting needs. Jenesis Painting Services employs only the most experienced crew to come into your home or business. Only the top paints and skilled painters.

Is painting my home's interior and exterior a DIY project?

Cleaning, preparing and painting your interior and exterior surfaces is a huge job that done correctly provides you with great rewards for years to come. We use the best tools, paints and processes to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Do you determine how the paint is applied?

Yes. Based on your project's scope, we will determine whether spraying, rolling or brushing will be the best technique to complete the job. Moreover, most spaces require multiple techniques.

How large of selection of paints do you offer?

We utilize three of the industry's top brands: PPG Pittsburgh Paints, Sherwin-Williams Paints and Benjamin Moore Paints. If you’re finding it difficult to decide on the right colors, you can always ask our paint professionals for help. We can suggest ideas based on certain factors that you may not have considered.

Can a professional painter really make that much difference?

Yes. After all, you want your home to look like it was painted by a professional. Some of the main techniques a true painting contractor might use includes “laying on” or “laying off”, avoiding lap marks, avoiding brush marks, avoiding drips, sags, and runs, as well as dozens of professional painting tips.